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New 2018 Early Music Project!

Watch for Carol Tatum's new group "Dallas Early Music Ensemble,"  an early music project of medieval music from 1,100 to 1,400 A.D. featuring the Cantigas de Santa Maria and early music composers such as Guillaume de Machaut, Gaucelm Faichit, Thibault de Champagne (Carol's 23rd great grandfather) and more. Carol is joined by recorder player Cornell Kindernacht and his array of recorders ranging from bass recorder to piccolo.  Cellist Pearce Meisenbach (Dallas Opera) will also be featured to complete the harp/recorder/cello trio.  Watch for guest percussionists and vocalists, too!


Check out our LIVE PERFORMANCE VIDEOS with HARPIST CAROL TATUM, CELLIST IRINA CHIRKOVA (Celine  Dion, Serj Tankian/System Of A Down) and VOCALIST CHRISTINA LINHARDT.  Please CLCK ON "VIDEOS" to see our latest unplugged, all-acoustic videos created by Director Michael Rose.

LIVE Angels Of Venice Videos

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VIDEO:   "Madre de Deus" by Angels Of Venice



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~ Carol Tatum, Harpist, Angels Of Venice

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